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how to easily register your blackberry

How to Register for Blackberry:
1. insert the card.
2. activate the Blackberry Internet Service (BIS).
3. HRT register it (options - advanced options - host routing table - select that first - click on the BB - register - out - wait for notification on BB).
4. create email account settings (email setup - press button b - create user - create a username and password)
5. add his emails - after clicking the button add further email mm - service book - send service books - out of the email - no notification sent.
6. use PC to open - enter username n password you created at setup email on BB earlier.
7. Select the device change - Automatic PIN already written, so stay its course fill IMEI - click save - new windows do not come out at the click OK - in BB will be no notification to request validate email
8. Back to navigation BB - email setup - sign in - validate your emails - outgoing email setup - there will be another notification is sent.
9. Back to PC click ok in windows - get email settings - see your emails listed there already checked or still red, if already checked, then you live "log out". If it is still red sing first and then try logging in again n again see the emails you've checked or not.

Note :
- For those who want to switch carriers before step 1, first delete the old email provider.
- For those who want to change the handheld without changing operator, just change the PIN + IMEI device to change the menu (
- If you do not want anymore can also register, just follow steps 1-3
- "In Tuts" worn out if the text below in your service "" when going to register:

Can not create account:

This BlackBerry (R) device is not registered with your wireless service provider.
Please register this device and verify that the URL of the current web site matches
the one provided by your wireless service provider.

To register:
1. In the Application list on your device, click Options, or click Settings Options.
2. Click Advanced Options> Host Routing Table.
3. Click the Menu key and click Register Now.
If the error persists, contact your wireless service provider.?

Please try.
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How to check blackberry pin suspend

Here are a few tips to check Suspend Blackberry Pin :

1. Check Pin in 3 different places should show the same results, should not be different.
Pin and IMEI checks on Option -> status, can also Alt + Shift + H
Pin and IMEI checks on the battery, open the battery and you will see Pin and IMEI.
Pin and IMEI checks in Box.
Make sure that the three checks, showed the same Pin and IMEI.

2. Go to the website of one service you are using.
Then create a new account "Create New Account", then there is a command to enter your Pin and IMEI. Then "Next" and then the next will be performing the following text:
Your device has not yet been registered with the network  -> When the show made like this, then surely your Blackberry Pin and IMEI are still fresh and has never been used.
The Blackberry is registered with another provider  -> If this post appears your BB can be said in 2 conditions, can also PIN and IMEI you are new only possible use overseas (outside provider) we are, or could also be used outside our provider.
To check conditions, log Option -> status ... Then type BUYR. If you're new voice and data usage is usually written 0. If it is exceeded, that is used / refurbished.
If the stated 2.5 Mb, it may be opened, but to unlock. So look for that are still 0.
In these circumstances you should exchange it, so as not to suspend.
Your Account is Suspended -> In this condition means that your BB Internet repairs will die, because it could happen elsewhere cloned, stolen or your BB (crime). Should not be purchased.
Hopefully useful.
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scheme to repair Blackberry 8520 ( Gemini )

The following below is a schematic blackberry 8520 (Gemini) hardware solution.

BB 8520 Memory Card Solution

BB 8520 USB ways

BB 8520 Trackpad Solution

BB 8520 Driver keypad & LCD

BB 8520 Ringer Ways

BB 8520 Signal SOS Solution

BB 8520 Handsfree Solution

BB gemini Speaker and Buzzer Ways

Blackberry 8520 Hang Solution

Blackberry 8520 Cross Battery

Blackberry 8520 Display LCD Ways

BB 8520 Camera Solution

BB 8520 Battery Track

BB 8520 keypad not work

unplug each one marked with red color, because it serves as a surge protector only.

BB 8520 loading 75% stuck

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Download Angry Birds Star Wars - Best and latest Android Games

Game for Android applications of Rovio Mobile Ltd. is a multi-platform new star in the game application available today. Angry Birds Star Wars is an advanced version of the battle continued between clans birds are angry with the naughty pigs that already exist in earlier versions of Angry Birds game. Game Angry Birds Star Wars came up with the initial idea of a sequel to the successful Star Wars sequel film at all. With this concept certainly Rovio hopes to achieve continued success of Angry Birds game version of Star Wars. With characters, weapons and challenges Angry Birds Star Wars offers a different sensation than some previous versions of Angry Birds.

The concept of the movie Star Wars being implemented in the game Angry Birds, raises shades war in Galaxy. The main character in the role of protagonist Game Angry Birds Star Wars is still entrusted to the angriest birds will fight the evil character figures Pigtroopers. In the short story is a bunch of pigs galaxy ruler and his army. While the bird - the bird fought to uphold justice. Pigs squad leader is none other than the Darth Vader, Dark Lords of The Pigs. Droiders bird rescue people play as well - good to be able to knock down the pigs and the defense of the troops to defeat the Dark Lord of the Pigs. And bring back the peaceful life in the Galaxy.

Grumpy bird characters in the series is made using Star Wars costume, such as costumes Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Hans Solo, R2D2, C3PO, Chewbacca, Darth Vader and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Troops Pigtroopers bird is fight with weapons, such as a light saber (Lightsaber) and a pistol. The weapons turned out not to be a mere decoration. The birds could use such weapons against evil Pigtroopers complete with costumes.

This is the best angry birds, Thank you Rovio!

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Super Ski Jump v1.3.0 Apk

Super Ski Jump v1.3.0
Super Ski Jump v1.3.0 Apk

Requirements: 2.3+
Overview: Accelerate down the inrun at dangerously high speeds, battle to keep your balance against the powerful, icy wind, then take flight for as you try to beat the world’s best ski jumpers in this invigorating winter sports extravaganza.

A vibrant new addition to Vivid Games’ million-selling Ski Jumping franchise, Super Ski Jump now includes tournaments, custom events and world cups at over 20 different real-life ski jumping venues.

A choice of different touchscreen and tilt controls put you knee deep in the snow throughout the incredibly realistic and invigorating experience. Guide your jumper down the slope, take off with precision timing and fly with style and grace.

But the Super Ski Jump judges are looking for more than just epic distance. This game requires you to demonstrate a skillful application and control of aerodynamics, followed by an accomplished, agile landing that only a few fearless sky-bound skiers have ever achieved.

Full 3D visuals
Over 20 real-world ski jumping venues
Quick Play, World Cup, Tournaments and more
Custom events to compete in
Three different control methods
Player customization

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IP Cam Viewer Pro v4.6.9 Apk

IP Cam Viewer Pro v4.6.9
IP Cam Viewer Pro v4.6.9 Apk

Requirements: Android 1.5 and up
Overview: View and Control IP camera, DVR, NVR, webcam. SSL, H.264, Audio, Widget, MPEG4.

Awarded Best Software Award 2011 in Utilities category.

Remotely view and control your IP Camera, DVR, Network Video Recorder, CCTV or WebCam using this Android app.

2-way audio support on some cameras for use as baby monitor (axis, panasonic, foscam, more) and honeycomb tablet support.

Includes Record Mode which turns any spare Android device into a solid state, battery backed network recorder for your standalone IP cameras. Allows playback, search, and export to video clip.

- SSL encryption for privacy
- RTSP, H.264, MPEG4 and more video formats
- two way audio
- pan tilt and zoom (PTZ)
- preset recall
- relay to control things like lights and garage doors
- custom controls like patrol (varies with various models)
- home screen widgets
- matrix view, gallery view, and auto sequence mode
- double tap for digital zoom using pinch to zoom
- grouping of cameras to organize and for quick recall.
- Export / Import and sharing of cameras
- built-in traffic camera database
- browser integration
- app password to protect access from others
- 24/7 recording of cameras
- scan camera capability
- auto sequencing of cameras and groups

What's in this version:
- more drivers and driver fixes
- respect RTSP image aspect ratio
- quick preset buttons
- speed up ptz commands
- add More Options to rotate image 90, 180, 270 degrees
- add option to mirror horizontally for people using a rear view camera
- add reboot cmd to some cameras
- add option to auto start audio under More Options
- add native support for Intel Atom processor
- fixed RTSP bug and audio speed up
- rewrote foscam 9820 driver for better 2-way audio
- 2-way audio for Tenvis IPROBOT3

Enjoy another release by PutterPlace. If you share this elsewhere, please give credit where it's due.

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Tips and tricks : how to avoid malicious Android Devices From Viruses

Android devices both smartphones and tablets when used for browsing or receive files from another device it will be vulnerable to the virus (malware). Moreover, users who frequently download applications or information in the virtual store.

Even the practitioners in the hardware virus was detected three false installer to update apps for Android, namely Androidos_ADSMS.A, Androidos_Dordrael.l, and Androidos_crusewin.A. So is the latest Android Malware, called Droid Dream Light (DDLight). Malware has managed to outwit 30000-120000 Android users. Beyond that there are many viruses or other malware.

Here are Tips to Avoid Viruses Android Devices From Android device to your pet safe from virus attacks or malicious malware:

1.Utilizing standard security features on your Android device
Go to menu> Settings, and then Select> Location & Security> and enter the data as no PIN and password to lock the phone. It is useful for securing your personal data when the phone is lost physically.

2.Do not choose a setting Auto Connect to Wi-Fi
Go to the menu> Wireless & Network, and then select> WiFi Settings, disable the function Auto Connect to Wi-Fi. Especially if you use Internet banking.

Usually Android devices are often connected to wifi (especially overseas) are even more vulnerable to hackers compromised (hackers). Weak security as experienced by applications using named ClientLogin authentication protocol that runs on Android OS version 2.3 down.

With the ClientLogin, users only need to enter the username and password are required. Furthermore, application authentication process will take from the data stored on the ClientLogin.

ClientLogin authentication data stored on it is that having a security system vulnerable. Hackers can access data stored on the ClientLogin authentication if the user is connected to a Wifi network Unencrypted.

The solution, avoid using unencrypted wifi network (open wifi network). But if the choice of an open wifi network only, it is better to use additional applications for the security of the wifi connection as SSH Tunnel. This application can create a secure connection between your Android handset device jatingan server unencrypted wifi.

3. Avoid to install the application apart from the Android Market
To get rid of Trojan Android, install only the applications in the Android Market. Recently discovered Trojan Android from a third-party application service provider in China.

4. Be careful when an application for permission to open the access to personal data
If the installed application for permission to open some of the data, make sure you do not give permission to get access to personal data, such as phone contact list.

5. Use the special security application on your Android device
In addition to installing and vigilant when opening certain links, you are advised to also install security applications for mobile phones. Trend Micro Mobile Security for Android, for example, not only to secure passwords that we have, but also all of our mobile banking transaction data.

6. And last but certainly by Using a mobile device or tablet that support from the technology side.

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Tips to Overcome Radiation Danger Cell Phones

Along with the development of increasingly sophisticated technology, the use of CellPhone increased rapidly. In modern society, mobile phones have become a necessity. Though the use of the phone itself turned out to cause enough radiation is harmful to health. Since the phone is a transmitter that converts sound into a continuous sinusoidal wave is then transmitted out through the antenna and fluctuates over the air waves. Wave RF (radio frequency) electromagnetic radiation is the cause.
Known, electromagnetic radiation consists of waves of electric and magnetic energy at the speed of light. All electromagnetic energy falls on the electromagnetic spectrum, which rangenya from ELF radiation (extremly low frequency) to X-rays and gamma rays. When people call, cell phone placed near the head. In this position, the opportunities of mobile phone radiation absorbed by the body very large networks. What is often debated now is how much radiation is dangerous and if there are long-term health effects?

Researchers from institutions of Health stated that the use of cell phone radiation is harmless. However, cell phone radiation, which is classified as RF waves, not dangerous enough. But that does not mean the possibility of side effects do not exist. High levels of RF radiation can damage body tissues. RF radiation has the ability to heat body tissue such as a microwave oven heats food. And radiation can damage body tissue, because our bodies are not equipped to anticipate overheating due to RF radiation. Other studies have shown non-ionizing radiation (including RF waves) cause long-term effects.

Radiation handphone also potentially cause cancer, brain tumors, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, fatigue (too tired), and headache. Although the results of research conducted by experts, some being menyabutkan, that mobile phone radiation can cause cancer and abnormalities. However, some have claimed that mobile phone radiation is not related to cancer. Regardless of what is right or wrong of course we should need to be alert and anticipate.

As a solution to avoid the risk of the effects of radiation, it helps mobile phone users to pay attention to several things:
  • Using a hand-free headset.
  • Using a cell phone, the antenna cultivated as far as possible from the body.
  • Keep the antenna during use.
  • Reduce the call using the phone in the building.
  • Using the phone outdoors as often as possible.
  • Reduce the use for children.

By knowing the risks of cell phone radiation effects and Tips to Overcome Radiation Hazard phone, then we should not underestimate the risks of cell phone radiation because the consequences could be fatal to our organs. Wherever possible, we can keep the phone from you when you are not wearing them.

Do not be too often put the phone close to the kidneys, heart, and in your pocket as this may damage the kidneys, heart, and your reproductive system! Also, do not put the phone near you while sleeping. Keep also other electronic items (televisions, laptops, radio) from where you sleep due to radiation from electronic items can be harmful to your health in the long run. Existing radiation interfere with hormone production process by our bodies when we sleep.

After learning so much danger for your body and Tips to Overcome Radiation Hazard phone, then from now on you should be able to control themselves when using the phone. It is very important that you do for the health of your body. Because health is very expensive from a mobile phone with multimedia features and unrivaled presented.

I hope the above tips useful, thanks :)
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